Glass Bottles - 100% natural juice

Our glass bottles are manufactured with the greatest care. This product line is very popular in the gastro area, as well as in supermarkets, hotels, bars, cafeterias or at various events and gatherings.

For all those who are looking for a healthy product without added sugar in elegant bottles, our glass line is the perfect solution.


In every 200 ml bottle is juice from 3 hand picked apples.


We offer a wide range of flavors:

apple, raspberry, blueberry, red berries mix, cranberry, apple-orange-carrot, pomegranate with ginger, mint with lemon, basil and many more.


We offer the following packaging:

Glass: 155 g, 220 g, 225 g, 600 g

Pail: 550 g, 12,5 kg


Write us a message and we will send you our product catalog with all flavors. email:

Naturink ... simply naturally refreshingly healthy!