Private Label & B2B


Private Label and QR-code “Where do I come from?”

We are a responsible partner for private labels. Our huge variety of raw materials leaves nothing to be desired. Our strength: we offer private labels from the smallest quantities (for marketing, events) to complex large orders.


Our concept "Where do I come from?" gives the possibility to end consumers to explore the production. By scanning the QR-code they see photos and videos from actual works and they can explore the world of fruits growing. Questions about the production can be asked directly to us with a chat function. A special "extra" that we offer to our private label customers.




We also offer our products in larger containers:


- 200 L barrels

- 1.000 L aseptic boxes (Octabins)

- tanks (container, truck ...)


We also like to develop your own recipes for you or squeeze your own fruits.

If you have any questions about B2B, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Explore new opportunities with your brand.

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